We emerged as a solution to a problem

Over a decade ago we recognized a need for a more reliable, more organized, and more professional moving company in the Bel Air area. As a family, we took it upon ourselves to rise to the occasion, and we’ve never looked back since. We have now built a reputation for dependable, secure, and affordable moving. Moving your home or office is as easy as possible when Advantage Moving is on the job.

aboutMoving services for jobs of all shapes and sizes

Guarantee yourself a top quality moving services whether you’re moving near or far, a lot or a little, or the home or office. Request any of our services and feel confident the job will get done right.

An awesome team that takes the edge off of the moving experience

As you’ve probably experienced in the past, moving can be a hectic, physically and emotionally-draining undertaking. We understand you have a lot going on, and so we’re here to make it easy for you. Our team is professional, experienced, and genuinely courteous. We take the stress out of the moving experience. Count on us for top quality commercial and residential moving, packing, and hauling, and deliveries as well.