elocating your residence is always a big thing, especially if there are kids and pets involved in the process. There are so many things to be planned and executed and hence it’s always safe to start the planning early. The rule of the thumb is to start the process at least 3-4 months ahead of the move.

First, you must inform all your near and dear ones about your relocation plans and the date of moving. Then, you should sit with the packing affairs. Make a list of all things that you have in your house and categorize them into groups like “essentials”, “delicate”, “secondary”, “hardy” and “discarded”. This way it would be easier to pack the things in an organized manner as packing needs would vary as per your items.

Then, you should consult movers in Abingdon MD as it’s really overwhelming to conduct the entire moving process on your own. The movers are professionals and hence know how to settle the entire packing and delivery affair without hassle and in time. They would also help in hauling the discarded items.

Next, you should inform your internet, cable and telecom service providers about your change of address. Talk to the previous owner of the new house regarding transfer of gas, electricity and water bills to you.

Moving would be really traumatizing for your pet and hence it would be smarter to keep your furry friend in a pet crèche at least for the day of the move.