As per the studies around 1.4-1.6 mn households move each year. Although most of them go smoothly yet complaints are not unusual. There have been numerous reports that show how ill-minded moving companies have victimized their clients. You have to be really careful about choosing movers in Abingdon MD as any wrong selection here might spell disaster for your home or office post the move. The post here offers some expert tips to ensure a safe and smart moving experience.

  • Start making all the moving arrangements in advance. It implies categorization of the things to be taken and discarded. You must also notify family, friends, clients, vendors, employees and other important parties such as post office or bank- about change of address. You have to start planning minimum 2 months in advance.
  • Make sure to settle with a highly reputed company with happy clients and high BBB rating.
  • Be meticulous about your destination, timing of move.
  • Your mover should submit you written estimate based on your specified services and their charges.
  • Read carefully the “Bill of Lading”. In case you have queries, do not hesitate to ask your mover.
  • Do not forget to ask about the company’s liability insurance & claims cover policy in case your goodies incur loss while the company is on your duty.
  • The company must allow you to stay present whenever the shipment would be weighed & you have this right to request reweigh of the shipment.